Automakers Become Energy Companies

April 9, 2018

While it’s still relatively early days for putting electric vehicles to work as assets on a changing power grid, home sweet home is emerging as the first battleground for automakers looking to capture market share in the energy storage space. Take the deal announced this spring between the new standalone outfit Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas and […]

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An Electric Vehicle

March 9, 2018

Longer term, however, the potential is to scale up what’s learned at the home or neighborhood level to commercial structures such as office buildings and even utility-scale projects. Tesla and Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas both have commercial divisions, and a spokesperson for the latter said the company is already eyeing energy business opportunities beyond residential batteries. […]

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Technology at Mercedes-Benz

January 9, 2018

A key cornerstone of Mercedes’ commitment to innovation is the launch a new research and development site in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley. Home to Google, Apple and Facebook, Mercedes-Benz first established a base there in 1994, the first automaker to do so. The new facility aims to expand the automaker’s R&D capabilities, where one of its […]

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